Advion Cockroach Gel Bait Review

If there’s one thing that all human beings can utter in unison is that cockroaches need to go. But all of man’s attempts to bring forth the global annihilation of roaches were to no avail.

These resilient little monsters seem to adapt and grow stronger every time you throw something at them. However, there’s a weapon that can help you in the long-winded fight against roaches.

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In this Advion Cockroach Gel Bait review, we take a look at one of the deadliest assassins in the insecticides department, analyze its features, and discuss how to properly use it, so stick around.

Things to Consider Before Buying a Gel Bait

If you’re in the market for a cockroach gel bait, or any chemical roach killer for that matter, there are a few factors that you should keep into consideration to ensure the best bang for your buck.

Child and Pet Safety

Unlike other methods of getting rid of cockroaches, gel baits are actually the safest because the places where you’re supposed to apply cockroach gel baits tend to be places such as cracks or behind cupboards, which are places that are usually beyond a child or pet’s reach.

We’re not saying that coming into contact with most gel baits isn’t harmful, we’re just saying that it’s less likely for your child or pet to get behind the stove and find the crack in which the gel bait is applied.

The problem, however, is that there’s no surefire way to keep kids and pets safe from cockroach gel baits. The only thing you can do is apply the gel bait, or any other chemical insecticide for that matter, in places that your children or pets can’t reach.

Immediate Action

If you’re suffering from a serious infestation in your home, the first that comes to mind when you apply a gel bait is how long it will take until it gets rid of these scary creatures.

Luckily, the majority of roach gel baits are fast-acting and don’t require monitoring. However, it’s important to check the product’s specifications and user reviews before buying it to make sure.

Keep in mind that a lot of gel baits are fast-acting but don’t really have a long-lasting effect. This may not be your primary concern if you’re dealing with a severe infestation, but it’s worth noting.

Indoor/Outdoor Use

Cockroaches just love to dwell in people’s homes, but that doesn’t mean that they’re not fans of your garden or backyard as well, which is why it’s crucial to get an indoors/outdoors gel bait.

Fortunately, most cockroach gel baits on the market today can be applied indoors and outdoors. But again, you have to check the product’s specifications to ensure that this feature is present.

What Is the Advion Cockroach Gel Bait?

The Advion Roach Gel Bait is one of the most popular and high-performing roach killers on the market. It’s designed to get rid of all cockroach species including, American, German, Oriental, Asian, Brownbanded, Australian, and Smokybrown cockroaches.

The gel bait is the product of the Chinese-owned global company, Syngenta. It’s comprised of a potent, non-repellent active ingredient and a gel-based formula that cockroaches find impossible to resist. This allows you to control severe infestations quickly and effectively.

The Advion Cockroach Gel Bait is quite a handy roach killer, meaning that you can use it almost anywhere, from residential areas to industrial and commercial ones. This gel bait can be applied to small places that contain roach activity like crevices and underneath appliances.

You can find the Advion Roach Gel Bait in a wide range of packages that vary when it comes to the number of tubes and plungers. Some packages may offer four tubes, while others offer you twenty tubes. Bottom line is that you’ll always find a package that meets your requirements.

Features and Benefits

  • It incorporates indoxacarb 0.6% as its active ingredient
  • This is an odorless, non-repellent cockroach gel bait
  • It can be applied both indoors and outdoors
  • Targets all cockroaches, including bait-averse species
  • A high-performing, high-consumption bait with low toxicity
  • Doesn’t really have an expiration rate
  • Can be used in residential, commercial, and industrial sites
  • One of the most affordable roach gel baits on the market

The Advion Cockroach Gel Bait didn’t become one of the most popular cockroach exterminators on the market with the aid of proper advertisement, not at all. The product is simply as deadly as users claim it is, which is largely due to the inclusion of indoxacarb 0.6% as its active ingredient.

Indoxacarb 0.6% does a remarkable job of attracting cockroaches nearby and killing them. Also, this chemical tends to expire after two years from the date of its manufacture, so the effects are likely to be intact for a pretty long time, which is exactly what you need to control infestations.

However, you need to keep in mind that whenever the gel dries out, it becomes unappealing to cockroaches or pests in general, which forces you to stick to a certain time commitment. You’re going to need to remove the old bait and add a fresh one as soon as the old bait dries out.

The great thing about indoxacarb is that it doesn’t just kill the cockroach right away, which is the reason why it’s so deadly. The contaminated roach is likely to return to its nest where it will meet its final breath. But the lethal effect of indoxacarb will remain active in the roach’s dead body.

Cockroaches being cockroaches, they know of no distinction between a dead roach and yummy meal, so they’re likely going to feed on their dead buddy. What these roaches don’t know is that even after ingestion, the time bomb that is indoxacarb is a few seconds away from exploding.

Even if the roaches don’t feed on their contaminated friend, the effects of indoxacarb can still be transferred merely through physical contact with the roach’s feces or body. To put it simply, all it takes is a single contaminated roach to bring forth the demise of the entire nest.

One of the best things about the Advion Gel Bait is that it doesn’t only target cockroaches, but it can also be used to kill around a dozen more types of insects. Even cockroaches that have very strong immunity systems such as the German cockroach perish when in contact with this gel.

This is something that’s rare to find a lot of gel baits on the market today because cockroaches can be very specific to the type of bait they’re drawn. Further, they can develop an aversion to a number of products, which leads to them not falling for the bait and continuing to dwell.

Advion Cockroach Gel Bait, however, provides superior pest control for all cockroach species no matter how bait-averse they are. Not only that, but it’s also an insanely fast-acting product. So it won’t be long before the cockroach infestation in your house ceases to exist.

We’ve seen customers state that the use of Advion Cockroach Gel Bait three or four times every year can completely put an end to cockroach infestations around their neighbors. However, the gel is to be applied in places that are inaccessible for children and pets to ensure safety.

Having a non-repellent formulation, cockroaches can’t detect the presence of this insecticide. In addition, Advion Cockroach Gel Bait is highly effective both indoors and outdoors. It can literally be used anywhere including residential, commercial, and industrial sites.


  • Affects majority of cockroaches species including gel-averse cockroaches
  • Odorless, extremely easy to use, and can be applied anywhere
  • With caution can be applied near food-handling areas
  • One of the most cost-effective roach gel baits
  • Fast-acting


  • Need to replace often – once it dries out
  • Have to clean up every quarter thoroughly after completing extermination

What Consumers Say

We’ve gone through multiple Advion Roach Gel reviews to find out whether users had different opinions from ours. For the most part, users have shown significant satisfaction with the product and are happy with the results, stating that it only took them twenty-four hours to see the results.

However, it’s impossible for any product to receive no criticism based on negative experiences. For example, we’ve noticed that a number of users complained that while the gel is effective the first time around, it loses its effectiveness when applied again.

We’ve also encountered negative reviews that claim that the gel bait dries up to become solid a few hours from its application. This, of course, doesn’t only deem it as ineffective, but it creates a bit of an inconvenience in the process of removing the dried-up, stuck-to-the-ground bait.

Luckily, the manufacturer has taken these complaints into account and presented users with an array of solutions to their problems. As far as the ineffectiveness of the bait after the first use, it seems like the gel is used to be in rotation so that roaches don’t develop an immunity against it.

Tackling the second complaint, the manufacturer advises users to follow the instructions to a tee in order to achieve optimal results. Moreover, you have to clean out dry bait before applying the new one so that the ineffectiveness of the dry bait doesn’t hinder the effect of the new one.

Based on Advion Cockroach Gel Bait reviews submitted by various users, we’d say that the vast majority has experienced great success with the product. The ones that had not-so-good results arguably went about applying the product incorrectly.

How to Properly Use Advion Gel?

Before we discuss the proper way to apply the Advion roach killer, we need to establish that the safety of your household is as important as getting rid of these annoying creatures, and so you’ll need to apply the product with absolute caution around the house.

Make sure that you don’t apply or store the product anywhere that’s in your child or pet’s reach. And although the recommended doses that you should apply don’t really pose a threat, it’s still mandatory to keep it as far away as possible from food in order to prevent ingestion.

Now, let’s talk details. The first thing you need to know before you apply the Advion gel is that it shouldn’t be applied with contact killers no matter how serious the infestation is. The whole idea behind the Advion gel is that a contaminated roach will contaminate the entire nest.

By eliminating the cockroach using a contact roach spray, you prevent it from crawling back into its nest. As a result, the rest of the roaches that are hiding within the crevices and cracks in your house remain unaffected by neither the spray nor the gel bait.

If the infestation is too intense, you can utilize boric acid as a slow-acting agent to help with the process of extermination. Essentially, boric acid shares the same effect as the active ingredient in Advion Cockroach Gel Bait. It affects one roach then uses it to contaminate the rest.

However, we’re here to tell you that you don’t really need to use anything in conjunction with the Advion gel as it’s highly effective on its own. As long as you target the right spots, the disease is going to spread and before you know it, no more crawly superbugs will dwell in your house.

The next thing to consider is to remove all possible food and water sources from near the bait to improve the chances of the cockroaches actually consuming the bait. This leaves the roaches in your house no other alternatives but to eat the bait.

Last but not least, we’ve established that gel bait can get solidified over time, which is why you’ll need to keep an eye on its state from time to time to ensure its effectiveness. Once the gel dries out, it’s time to replace it with fresher bait. Keep in mind that removing solidified bait can be a bit of a hassle.

How Much Do You Need to Apply?

As far as quantity is concerned, the manufacturer recommends using 0.5-gram doses at a 10-ft distance from each other. For light cockroach infestations, you’ll only need one to three drops of the Advion gel, while a heavily-infested house requires three to five doses to get the job done.

If the neighborhood you’re living in is frequently being visited by cockroaches, you want to invest in a larger package of Advion Cockroach Gel Bait that can last until the infestation is gone. But if cockroaches are merely casual visitors, you may only need one or two tubes at most.

We’ve encountered reports from a bunch of users that claim that they’ve been able to free entire neighborhoods from the threat of cockroaches by using the Advion gel around three or four times per year. They’ve also reported that they’ve also gotten rid of different species of insects.

Where to Use Advion Roach Bait?

Applying Advion Roach Gel in random places isn’t going to cut it. You’ll need to study and figure out the places from which the roaches in your house come from so that you can apply the bait in the correct places. Spreading the gel randomly around the house is a huge mistake that leads to failure eventually.

Like we’ve already established, the Advion gel can be used both indoors and outdoors, so it can be used in a wide range of places. Now, you don’t really need to have been a cockroach in your past life to figure out where roaches tend to hang out. Here are some places that come to mind.

Using Indoors

You can use Advion Roach Bait in the following areas indoors:

  • Underneath or around large and small appliances with cracks and crevices near the legs.
  • Inside cabinets towards the top and bottom, and also around the cabinets’ corners.
  • Underneath sinks and pretty all quarters of your kitchen because it’s where the food is at.
  • Near the bottom of trash cans in every room and anywhere close to sources of water.
  • Along the baseboards of every room. Probably the most popular place to find roaches at.
  • Near sockets, the corners of every room, and doors, especially the ones made of wood.

Using Outdoors

Advion Roach Bait can be used in the following areas outdoors:

  • More than likely you’ll find roaches in the cracks in the house that lead to the outside.
  • Close to doors, windows, vents, and pipes, especially the bottom section of these things.
  • You’re likely to find roaches roaming around and nesting in your backyard or garden.

Now that you’re aware from some of the popular places where cockroaches like to hang, you’re going to need to completely shut all entry points in your house that lead to the outside including cracks and crevices to ensure that no more invaders come into the house to build new colonies.

How Fast Does Advion Gel Works?

Before we answer this question, we first need to know how long it takes for this gel bait to attract its victims. The attraction starts almost instantaneously from the moment you apply the gel. This is due to the strong scent that’s used in this gel to lure in the roach’s remarkable sense of smell.

Okay, so the roach has bit the bait, what happens next? The majority of contaminated roaches are likely to die within twenty-four hours from the time they’ve consumed the bait. But remember that it’s all about infecting the rest of the colony, so significant results won’t be seen right away.

Ideally, if you’ve followed the application instructions correctly, you should start to notice a change within one or two weeks from the day you’ve used the gel bait. Within a month or so, your home should be completely free of cockroaches, unless you’ve taken some shortcuts.

Final Words

Cockroaches are tiny but scary creatures, especially those winged ones. While we’re advocates of protecting all living creatures, roaches just need to go because they can cause serious health hazards. And even if they’re completely peaceful creatures that pose no threat, we’re quite sure that you wouldn’t like to spend a single night in a room that you know is infested with roaches.

Why Advion Cockroach Gel Bait? Well, cockroaches can develop resistance to all sorts of roach killers, most notably the German cockroach. However, the Advion gel breaks out of that mold and completely eradicate roaches whether they’re bait-averse or not. It knows no discrimination. An extremely powerful roach killer that will rid your home from roaches effectively.