Best Roach Bombs

If you are in the market for a roach bomb or a fogger for cockroaches, chances are that your home, car, storage unit, or business building is infested with roaches.

If this is the case you have already tried every other cockroach killing product on the market, but they just have not gotten rid of your roach problem. In this case, it is time to take things to the next level and look into getting a roach bomb.

There are literally hundreds of roach killer bombs and foggers on the market, and choosing the best roach bombs for house purposes can be an overwhelming task.

In this article, I’m going to review the following roach bombs and foggers:

Best Roach Bomb and Fogger Reviews

Given all the factors to consider when picking the best product I have put together few my favorites. I hope it will help you to choose the best product for your case. If you have any questions do not hesitate to ask in the comments below.

PCO Pyrethrin Fogger Bomb

This product is often considered to be the best roach fogger on the market, especially due to its ease of use.

It has extreme power and reach when bombing any closed areas. The PCO Pyrethrin fogger utilizes an aerosol spray that reaches up to 5000 cubic feet when it is engaged. This equals to the area of 25’ x 25’ with an 8-foot ceiling.

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PCO Pyrethrin fogger bomb can be used in homes, and due to its non-toxic ingredients, it can even be used in food areas like kitchens and restaurants.

A single can can treat such a large area that it is the perfect option to use in large warehouses, theaters, hotels, hospitals, schools, etc.

It is vitally important to leave the area that is being treated and allow it to air out completely before going back in.


  • Works well on more than roaches – helps with wasps, fleas, and other infectious insects
  • Strong enough to have deep reach to completely eliminate any bugs and their nests
  • Single can treats up to 5000 cubic feet unless obstructed
  • Easy to use instructions on the bottle shows you how to turn it on and leave the premises to let it do its thing


  • Have to perform another treatment 2-3 weeks after the first one
  • Extremely strong fumes that are dangerous to breathe in

Raid Concentrated Deep Reach Fogger

The Raid Fogger is what many people think about when they ask what is the best roach fogger on the market.

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Raid Concentrated cockroach fogger reaches deep and kills much more than just roaches. It takes out any type of bug that has taken over your space.

Raid fogger finds the bugs in your home where they are hiding and doesn’t just work for a day. It keeps working for up to two months after its initial application so any bugs that try to come back into your space get eliminated.

It is strong enough to treat a standard room and the fog gets into every crack and crevice so bugs do not stand a chance.

Raid fogger also leaves less wet residue behind it. It will save you a lot of time and you don’t need to deal with cleaning the area after the roach bombing.


  • Gets rid of baby insects not just the mature bugs
  • Can get into crawl spaces, cracks, and boxes to kill hiding bugs
  • Leaves less wet residues after fogging
  • Done fumigating and finishes ventilating within 6 hours


  • Does not work against wide range of bugs. It is intended more for crawling insects rather than flying ones
  • Many consumers have bugs come back within a few weeks leaving them to wonder if it does continue to work after initial use
  • Has a strong perfume that lingers

Hot Shot Indoor Fogger

If you want a bug bomb that has long-lasting effects, Hot Shot is the best bug bomb to go with. It reaches up to 2,000 cubic feet to treat whatever area it is set off in.

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Hot Shot Indoor kills much more than just roaches, set this bomb off and you will rid your space of pesky insects like sugar ants, beetles ticks crickets, earwigs, weevils, moths, spiders, and many more.

When this bomb is set off it kills the bugs on contact and keeps on killing them for up to two months.


  • Kills on bugs contact and lasts for 2 months
  • Does not leave any stains or residue where it is set off
  • It does not leave any odors after being set off


  • Many consumers had to use more than one can in each room of their house for it to work properly
  • Kills roaches better than any other type of insect
  • Has a hard time holding up against fleas and getting rid of flea infestations
  • Must completely clear out any food products if you plan on using it in a room close to your kitchen or in the kitchen itself
  • Takes a lot of work to prep the area you are doing the fog in order to follow instructions and have it work properly

Raid Fumigator Fumigating Fogger

This roach fumigator is especially unique as it can penetrate into places that no other fumigator fog can go.

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This product comes in a 0.35-ounce can and within it is a smoke that releases as soon as hit the bob is initiated with the easy to turn on the button.

The unique smoke within the canister releases and not only reaches throughout an entire room but goes until hard to reach areas like behind furniture, into furniture, into vents, and it goes deep into walls and other hard surfaces within the home or building you are fumigating.

This fumigator fog kills not only roaches but pesky bugs that tend to infest homes such as ants, wasps, bees, hornets, fleas, bed bugs and even ticks.


  • Releases a dry fog that sinks deep into furniture and other surfaces
  • Easy to use and more affordable than aerosol foggers
  • Does not leave an oily residue on carpet or furniture once it is finished
  • Leaves a fresh scent when finished, not any chemical smells


  • Hard to find in hardware stores so getting it exactly when you need it is tough
  • Does kill bugs on contact but does not continue working afterwards
  • Many consumers have issues with one or more canisters not going off like they are supposed too
  • Bugs have been known to build up a resistance to the fumes and not die from them
  • Not the best product to use to get rid of fleas

Spectracide Indoor Fogger

Spectracide has a wide variety of roach and insect bombs that are effective and get rid of bugs in no time. Few reviews of this product on the internet actually give it justice as to how powerful it is and what it can do to get rid of your pest problem.

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Any type of common bug and insect that seems to just keep coming and coming into your house can be eliminated by using the Spectracide Indoor Fogger product line.

The fogger comes in one large case and is so fast acting that you can open it up and set it up. Then come back a mere two hours later and it is finished working. After it is done the only evidence that the fog was ever in your home will be the dead bugs.

There will be no trace of any chemical odors and it will not stain your furniture, carpets, or other flooring types. Spectracide indoor fogger does not leave any residue so there will be no long cleanup process after the fog lifts.

The fogger kills bugs upon contact and works so quickly that they do not even have a chance to scatter and hide before it takes effect.

Make sure you following instructions. If you go back into your home or other space where you used the fogger before enough time has passed you can get exposed to the fog which can cause extreme side effects like vomiting and severe headaches.


  • Can be bought in a case of one for a smaller area or in a case of 4 to reach every area of larger offices or homes
  • Works well to get rid of insects like camel crickets, ants, spiders, fleas, and more
  • One canister can take care of an area as big as a small apartment. It can treat your space for bugs at up to 5000 cubic feet if it is not obstructed.
  • Keeps pests at bay for months after its treatment
  • No odors left behind and no residue caused by the fog


  • Some users have found that because it is a cheaper option, it tends to only knock the bugs out and not kill them
  • Not highly effective on treating fleas
  • Though it does work it does take a lot of canisters to kill an entire infestation

Choosing the Best Roach Bomb/Fogger

Insect bombs or foggers kill any roach out and about in the area being treated. They are made by mixing strong insecticides with aerosol propellants causing a fog that fills the targeted area.

The bug fogger will kill any roach that comes into contact with its poisonous stuff, but it doesn’t guarantee to kill those roaches hiding deep within the cracks of your house as the poison might not reach their nesting place.

Risks When Using Bug Bombs

Roach bombs and foggers are made of toxins. Breathing them can cause some health issues like irritation, respiratory difficulties, dizziness, diarrhea, vomiting, or allergic responses. Dealing with it has to be in a very cautious way to prevent any health issue.

Prerequisites and Precautions for Using Roach Bombs

Using bug bombs isn’t pleasant nor easy. Since they’re highly toxic, it’s imperative to follow the product’s instructions, always keeping safety as a priority.

Before Using Bug Bombs

You should always keep roach bombs and foggers away from any electricity or ignition sources. Before triggering them, make sure that electricity is off as a precautionary measure. Also, turn off smoke detectors, as some bomb/fogger products may trigger them.

Pack and remove any food, dishes, utensils, plants, and anything that can absorb or keep the bomb residue on. Use airtight covers over all your soft furniture. Covering them with nylon or sheets won’t be enough. If you think that roaches eggs and larvae do exist within the soft furniture then let them be bombed/fogged, later on. Do a full clean sweep to remove any residue afterwards.

It’s better to have all the residents of the house leave the premises for the duration of the bomb/fogging. It shulld be safe to return three hours after its finished. It’s a good idea to give your neighbors a heads up as they might be affected.

Use safety gear like breathing masks, glasses, rubber gloves, protective nylon coat, and any other gear that’ll keep you safe while using the product.

After using Bug Bomb

Right after using the roach fogger you should air out the targeted space completely. This might take a couple of hours, then you need to clean all surfaces thoroughly. Wash all exposed removable fabrics if any before using them. Remember, your pets will have a feast sniffing around and you should make sure it’s safe for them as well.

Things to Consider Before Buying a Roach Bomb/Fogger

The right roach bomb depends on various factors. I have listed the most important things to consider when buying one.

Type of Roaches

You might have flying roaches, crawling ones, or both. Depending on the case, you should choose the product that fits your purpose. The cockroach bomb specification may vary according to the area covered, the spread pattern, and the consistency of the smoke released.

Targeted Area Dimensions

You need to be aware of the area to be treated. The dimensions will give you a guide to the number of foggers to be used. You don’t want to overdo it or fall short.

Type of Fogger

Foggers have two ways to release the fog: thermal and cold release approaches. Thermal type uses an electrical or gas elements to heat the pesticide releasing the required fog. Cold type uses the aerosol pressurized technique to release the fog.

The thermal approach requires a specialized fogger equipped with a heating mechanism based on electrical or gas elements. Beware that such foggers have a separate cost other than the pesticide cost itself.

Lasting Time

Roach bomb isn’t intended as a preventive measure. It’s an execution measure to deal with a current infestation problem. Don’t think that after deploying it you’ll get rid of roaches forever. Usually, the effect of the roach bomb hangs for a couple of weeks at most for the most potent of them.

If your place is really infested, and roaches are crawling or flying everywhere then the bug bomb is your solution to kill them all. Later on, you should opt for a more lasting solution for eradicating the ones that are hiding.

If all fails, a roach fogger is surely an effective method to deal with a current infestation problem.

Final Words

When it comes to using roach bombs and foggers, none of them are “safe” to be exact. Inhaling the fog and the bomb can be dangerous to your health. They can cause you to experience uncomfortable side effects for several days because the fog is so strong and has so many chemicals in them. However, if you follow all of the instructions carefully, the products are safe to use.

The insect bombs and foggers on the above list are my favorites to get rid of roaches. These products are easy to use unlike many which are tricky and take a lot of effort to get to work properly.

Though there are a lot of products out there that get rid of roaches and other pesky insects that may be simpler and easier to use. The fact is that these roach bombs and foggers get into places that nothing else can reach like cracks and the inside of the walls themselves.

Foggers and bombs also kill insects upon contact and can keep them at bay for weeks to months after their initial use. If your roach and insect problem has reached unbearable levels, using a bomb or fogger may be the route to go.

Have you tried any of the above products yourself? Please feel free to share your thoughts in the comments.