I Saw One Cockroach – Should I Be Worried?

Imagine you go into the kitchen at night to make a sandwich and to your surprise, a crawling cockroach there to welcome you!

If I found one cockroach in my apartment and got rid of it. Is that it? Is there a possibility I’m living in Joe’s apartment?

Having no time to deal with such a problem, plus the anxiety of course you could call the pest control service immediately. They would handle that situation without any hassle and delay.

The issue isn’t that roaches are creepy and disgusting. The real danger is that cockroaches can spread pathogens, transmitting diseases and even causing asthma.

Having seen similar bad experience of my clients, I’ll be sharing with you today how to deal with the issue of finding a cockroach in your kitchen.


I Found One Cockroach in the House. What to Do?

When you have seen a single roach at home the question is – should I be scared? In other words, if I see one cockroach, are there more?

Unfortunately, there’s a chance they exist. Roaches exist in colonies that they build in hidden moist places, and they get out at night to scavenge for food and water.

Spotting a cockroach in daylight is more concerning, as it can be a sign of an overcrowded population. Since cockroaches are nocturnal creatures that thrive at night and prefer hiding.

However, they rarely go out hunting by themselves, rather in groups. So, if you spot a single cockroach, you should immediately examine its area of proximity for other fellow roaches from the colony. Not finding others is a good sign.

The next thing to do is to inspect the place thoroughly for infestations.

How to Know If I Have an Infestation at My Home?

Lucky for us, cockroaches are among the easiest types of pests to spot. You only need to know the right process, which I will provide to you now.

Hidden Cockroaches and Where to Find them

You need to start off by looking for actual cockroaches in the following places.


Checking the cupboards is mandatory. Inspect them thoroughly from the outside and inside. Make sure to examine the narrow deserted upper corners and the top of cupboards if they’re hung on the wall.

Afterward, you need to look at the sink and the drain. I hate to break it to you, but there are some types of cockroaches that live in cool dry places like that. I also advise you to check the trash bin.

Move on to the backs and bottoms of kitchen appliances; the fridge, the cooker, the microwave, coffeemaker, or even the toaster. Spare no effort in examining the tricky nooks and crannies of these devices.


We’re looking here for dark moist places, and not necessarily water. Humidity and condensation can attract roaches too.

Look everywhere, behind the toilet and medical cabinets. Check the plumbing, the sink, and the bath.

Laundry Room

Take a look at the back of the washing machine and anywhere that has plumbing that leads to it.

There’s no such thing as a spot that’s too narrow for a cockroach. They do have the ability to flatten their bodies to fit into the snuggest places.


The darkness and humidity conditions apply perfectly to basements. That’s why you should check your cellar for roaches.

Make sure to inspect the wall cracks and wooden floors. If the cockroaches have been there for a lot of time, they might’ve started eating cupboard and paper.


It’s Not Only Cockroaches .. Wait, What?

Infestation signs aren’t limited to finding cockroaches themselves, you can find some traces of them. Let’s see what these signs are and how to find them.


I apologize in advance for what I’m going to tell you, but searching your home for cockroach poop can help you detect a roaches’ infestation early. Hence, reducing the danger.

These droppings are black or brown flakes that range in size between ground black pepper to coffee beans. Their appearance indicates that this area is near the roaches’ food source, or their congregation.

What Should I Do If I Find Droppings?

So, if you managed to find such droppings near your food there’s a very high chance it’s already contaminated. You should get rid of the food immediately, then clean and sanitize the whole area.

For the droppings themselves, vacuum the area and get rid of them. Then wipe the area clean while using a sanitizer.

Even better, call a technician and schedule a cleaning session, because in such cases, there’s a chance there are unseen traces of them inside the wall culprits. You won’t be able to clean, or even see these by yourself.

Nasty Odor

An established cockroach infestation will result in a lingering musty pungent smell. This smell is a means of communication between roaches and each other. It can also be a result of the death and composition of one of them.

As long as the infestation exists, the odor will intensify and spread, because of the increasing number of dying roaches.

Cockroach Eggs

Unfortunately, cockroaches are prolific breeders. Yet, it’s easy to spot their eggshells, in which their eggs are stored. They’re called oothecae. Each of these contains between 10 to 50 eggs!

Look for these oothecae between books, inside cabinets, and behind furniture. I have explained how to get rid of cockroach eggs in this article here.

I Found an Infestation – Now What?

An infestation isn’t as easy to deal with as you might think. There’s no better alternative than calling a professional roach treatment service to take care of the issue.

Until then, you can bait the suspicious areas though. Here’s how to do it.


How to Prevent Infestation?

It’s easier to prevent the spread of cockroaches rather than get rid of them. Here’s a systematic way to do so.

Get Rid of Food Remains

Cockroaches are scavengers who feed on water, protein, sugar, and carbs. Just like humans!

That’s why it’s essential to raid the kitchen for all food sources. It’s a tiring process, but it’s worth the effort.

Empty the Cabinets

Start with emptying the cabinets and wiping them clean. As we said before, cabinets can be a mine of cockroaches, since they’re dark, humid, and full of food crumbles.

Make sure to vacuum the food remains and wipe off the spills. Leave them open for some time to enhance proper ventilation as well.

food leftovers

Manifest a Cleaning Routine

Be smarter than roaches and attack them first by applying a night cleaning ritual to your kitchen. They get out of their hiding places at night to devour any food remains. If you clean your kitchen thoroughly at night, they’ll find nothing to feed on. Smart, right?

I suggest you do this routine daily in case of discovering or anticipating an infestation. If you’re interested in preventive measures only, you can do it weekly or twice a week.

  1. Give your kitchen floor a thorough vacuum cleaning session, just before sleeping.
  2. Use a disinfectant to clean the kitchen countertops.
  3. Remove any unpacked food from the counts, either store it in the fridge, or seal it.
  4. Remove open bottles and liquids away from sinks.
  5. Seal any pet food.

Clean the Appliances

We rarely pay attention to cleaning refrigerators, cookers, microwaves, or toasters. They’re full of grease, liquid spills, and crumbles. Imagine how appealing this is to a cockroach!

That’s why you should pay attention to cleaning your appliances regularly. To get a grip on how to do this, check this tutorial.

Even the Trash Can

Make sure to wipe the outside of the trash bin clean. Also, try to take out the trash every night before you go to sleep.

Seal Holes & Cracks

As we discussed above, holes, cracks, and cervices are appealing to roaches. That’s why a vital part of your eradication plan should be sealing these cracks using caulk.

The second action should be examining all windows and doors for any extra space. They should fit tightly. If not, call your local carpenter for a quick fix.

Fix Water Leaks

There’s no such thing as removing water sources. Here are some quick efficient fixes that you can do to limit the roaches’ attraction to water in your home.

  • Examine all faucets and pipes for any leaks
  • Call a plumber to fix the pipe leaks if found
  • Dry out sponges and draining racks regularly.

Final Words

Don’t worry if you find one cockroach in your apartment. It’s not the end of the world.

The crucial action here is to follow the incident by thorough inspection for infestations and take all the necessary preventive measure we stated in the article.

Remember, leaving any food remains, cans, or bottles unattended on counters is never good. This can attract roaches and other pests. Besides, it might ruin the food itself. Also, make sure to maintain a regular rigorous cleaning routine, especially for your kitchen.

Following the tips we shared above, this could keep you safe from these nasty scavengers.