Best Roach Killer

Cockroaches are resilient creatures that’s why get rid of them is seemingly impossible. However, I’m here to help you keep your home roach-free. I’ve done some extensive research to determine the best cockroach killer on the market today.

In this article, I’am going to review the following roach killer products:

Best Roach Gel Bait: Vendetta Roach Gel

The Vendetta Roach Gel is available in a pack of 4, fairly sizable tubes. Each tube is 30 gm. I almost gave up on roach gels after trying a few products before this one. But as the name of this pesticide suggests, I was finally able to put an end to the bloody battle between man and the invaders.

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This gel pesticide is just impressively powerful and versatile. It can be used indoors if you detect roach infestation in your house or you can use it outdoors in your garden or your backyard. This gel is safe to use in all spaces, be it residential, commercial, or industrial. Vendetta Roach Gel is the means of chemical warfare that you’re looking for against primordial beasts.

So what exactly does this pesticide consist of? The Vendetta roach gel features a heavy-hitting, active constituent by the name of Abamectin B1 0.05%, which will help you terminate all known types of roaches, including America, Brown, German, Oriental, Asian, and pretty much all their cousins from all over the world. This gel will also help get rid of other insect pests.

The thing that makes this product more effective than the rest of its competition is that it isn’t just some random mishmash of a bunch of components. The Vendetta cockroach gel incorporates a highly palatable nutrient matrix that’s measured and balanced to offer you the effectiveness and the efficiency needed in the fight against heavy raid waves of cockroaches.

This gel pesticide has a certain aroma that will have cockroaches gravitate towards it because it will smell appetizing to them. And before you know it, these terrorizing creatures will all be dead and gone. They won’t even know what hit them. Luckily, the aroma that this roach gel spreads is very minimal to humans noses and you’ll barely even notice it.

You can achieve more catastrophic results if you pair this pesticide with a growth regulator for insects. You’ll be literally plotting the extinction of the cockroach race from your household by stopping them from having offspring in your area.


  • By far the most devastating roach gel on the market
  • The aroma it spreads doesn’t have an effect on humans
  • Extremely effective in getting rid of all types of roaches
  • Designed mainly for indoor use but can be used outdoors
  • Can be paired with a growth regulator for more lethal results


  • There are no plungers included in the package
  • Applying this cockroach gel can be a little messy

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Best Roach Bait Station: Combat Roach Killing Bait

When it comes to efficiency, I’am leaning more towards gel pesticides than bait traps. However, the whole idea behind a bait station is super convenient for people who know exactly where the roaches come from. Because what better way to completely lay waste to these creatures than by targeting them where they love to be, right?

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The Combat Roach Killing Bait Station is one of the most effective stations on the market. It will help keep certain places of your house completely roach-free. The effect of each bait lasts up to 3 months, which is enough time for cockroaches to figure out that your house just isn’t the place for them to inhabit. Position these baits in places where you suspect a roach infestation.

Combat roach baits are available in a variety of sizes, but I’m mainly covering the larger baits in this review. The larger baits are primarily designed to lure those disgusting, large roaches that roam around your house and the ones that are lurking somewhere inside a hole or beneath your appliances.

The way these stations work is they spread an appetizing smell that roaches can’t resist. Once a roach willingly enters the station and start feeding on the insecticide inside (Fipronil), it’ll go right back to its nest and spreads the disease, killing the entire civilization of roaches in your house.

Keep in mind that although Combat cockroach baits are child-proof, you should only apply them to areas that are out of a child or pet’s reach. This product is available in a variety of packs too. There are 8-count, 12-count, and 18-count packs available on the market, which means that no matter how many places you think there may be some roaches, you have enough of these baits to retaliate.


  • Great for the termination cockroaches in a specific area
  • Packages are available in a variety of sizes and counts
  • The insecticide component (Fipronil) is extremely powerful
  • Used to target individual roaches along with their nests


  • Not an ideal solution when it comes to large infestations
  • German cockroaches can develop an immunity against it

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Best Roach Traps: Black Flag TAT Roach Motel Traps

The Roach Motel Traps from Black Flag are places where roach can check-in, never to be seen again. These traps incorporate a super-strong adhesive glue that will hold on to all roaches that make their into the trap and never let them out. What’s next? Nothing, they simply get stuck until they meet their untimely deaths. No poison, no pesticides, no harm.

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So what makes the roaches think about “checking in” if the motel traps only contain glue. Well, it contains glue that’s mixed with a secret attractant component that cockroaches can’t resist. You shouldn’t be worried about the attractant having a strong odor, you’ll barely even notice its smell unless you stick your nostrils into it. And even if you, it doesn’t smell bad at all.

The effectiveness of this adhesive glue will stay unchanged as long as it doesn’t get clogged up with dead bugs, dust, and dirt. Ideally, the attractant in the glue will remain significant for around 2-4 months. When the effect of the attractant in the adhesive wears out, you’ll have to exchange the traps with newer ones. A little costly, but it’s highly effective for small-medium infestations.

Despite what you may perceive from the pictures, Roach Motels are pretty small traps and can’t cover a whole lot of area. So in order to achieve optimal results, you’ll have to use these traps in large numbers. Ideally, you want to place one trap in every high-traffic area. You can also place two for better results.

The small size of these traps, along with them having no poisons, makes them great solutions to get rid of roaches in areas like the kitchen or the bathroom. Place them in areas where roaches like to hide like underneath appliances or inside cupboard boxes and let the magic happen. Yes, these traps are child-safe, but you shouldn’t keep them around children or pets as they’re super sticky.


  • Very safe and completely free of poisonous substances
  • Great for targeting specific areas where roaches hide
  • The odor that these traps spread can barely be smelled


  • This method of killing roaches is only applicable indoors
  • Larger cockroaches can manage to escape the traps

Best Roach Spray for Home: Bengal Roach Killer

The Bengal Gold Roach Killer is the bigger brother of the regular Roach Spray. This spray is just top-notch when it comes to ridding you of cockroaches. It has an insect growth regulator that will sterilize all the adult roaches in your house and make them incapable of reproduction. This is an incredible spray that will come in handy if you’re dealing with possible roach eggs in your house.

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You’ll even be able to distinguish the roaches that are affected by this spray and its IGR effect. A sterilized roach will seem almost transfigured like their wings are twisted or warped. When you see roaches that look like that, it means that the spray is in effect and that you’ll finally get rid of roaches in a matter of days.

The incursion of cockroaches that this spray creates will remain for up to 6 months. And not only does this spray help kill cockroaches, but it will also have an effect on mosquitoes, ants, spiders, and pretty much most of the insects that are lurking in your house. What’s even more cool about this spray is that it carries dry content that will easily reach into the roaches’ hiding places.


  • The spray sterilizes roaches and prevents them from reproducing
  • Dry content that can reach even the most hidden roach spots
  • The incursion effect of this spray lasts for up to 6 months
  • Completely odorless and doesn’t pose any harm to humans
  • This spray can help you get rid of other insects in the house


  • It slows down roaches for the most and only kills some of them
  • Can’t protect your house from infestations longer than 6 months

Best Roach Bomb: Hot Shot Indoor Fogger

Using the Hot Shot Indoor Fogger will not only make your house completely free of roaches, but it will also help you get rid of all the crawlers sharing residence with you, including fleas, spiders, and ants. This roach bomb contains an odor neutralizer that makes that minimizes the inconveniences caused by its smell to the people in the house.

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Another great thing about this indoor fogger is that it doesn’t leave residue or stains behind. The effect of this fogger can last up to 2 months in enclosed spaces. It’s ideal for use in apartments, basements, single rooms, attics, cabins, garages, sheds, trailers, and more. This product comes in packs of four, with each bomb designed to treat up to 2,000 cubic feet of unobstructed area.

One thing to keep in mind when using foggers is that it’s better to have fewer obstructions in your house so that the bomb’s effect can achieve better results. The presence of big furniture can be the reason why the fogger’s effectiveness is reduced. This leaves you with two options: you can clear the area from furniture or you can use more than one can in the area.


  • Great penetration into hidden crevices and cracks
  • It will help you get rid of all types of crawling insects
  • Has an odor neutralizer for a less intrusive smell
  • The package includes 4 bombs at a competitive price


  • Not that effective against flying insects or high nests
  • Doesn’t have the longest-lasting residual killing effect

Best Boric Acid: Harris Boric Acid Roach

While it’s more expensive than a lot of boric acid products, this one comes with a lute that helps you get rid of pests way faster and way more efficiently than other products. We absolutely love boric acid because if you manage to keep it dry, it will last forever and you can reap the benefits of its effect for years and years to come without having to buy more.

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Basically, the lure is only 1% of the entire mixture, while the other 99% is purely boric acid. This package includes straw that attaches to the top of the container, allowing you to pour boric acid in the cracks and crevices that would typically be hard to reach. You can use this straw to get to other places that would have otherwise been impossible to reach.

The great thing about boric acid is that it’s super fast. Insects that come in contact with this acid will cease to exist within 72 hours of contact. Boric acid can help you kill cockroaches, palmetto bugs, silverfish, and water bugs. And like we’ve mentioned, its effects can remain active as long as it doesn’t get wet.


  • Boric acid can virtually be used forever as long as it’s dry
  • The attachable straw can help you reach cracks and crevices
  • The mixture has a lure that helps attract insects to their death


  • It takes time for the roaches to die after initial contact
  • Not the ideal method to get rid of deep roach infestations

Final Words

Cockroaches are the stuff of nightmares for many of us. Fortunately, there’s more than just one method to get rid of these monsters. You can employ chemical, mechanical, and folk methods to get rid of cockroaches. And if you can’t even look at them, just call upon the nearest pest control service and they’ll gladly take care of the infestation.

Don’t take cockroach infestations lightly. These insects can be the reason behind a lot of serious diseases and allergies. So make sure to clean where it needs to be cleaned and avoid providing roaches with any water sources and you’ll be fine.

As far as what is the best roach killer overall, I’m leaning towards the Hot Shot Indoor Fogger and the Bangal Roach Killer as they’re the most convenient and the fastest acting options. I’d love to know which roach killer you think is the best in the comments below.