Best Pet Safe Roach Killer

Looking for a way to get rid of nasty cockroaches without harming your beloved pets? Typically commercial roach killers contain chemicals that can be dangerous to your pet’s health.

Fortunately, there are various pet-friendly alternatives nowadays specifically made to eradicate roaches while leaving your pets unaffected.

Today, we’ll be helping you find the best pet safe roach killer with reviews of the top 5 products available on the market and a detailed buying guide.

Best Pet Safe Roach Killers

HARRIS Diatomaceous Earth Food Grade

Kicking off our list with a widely popular product, the HARRIS Diatomaceous Earth Food Grade is favored by thousands of pet owners thanks to its superior quality and remarkable effect.

This product is completely natural. The bag you receive contains 100% unadulterated ground of freshwater diatomaceous earth. This means it’s free of fillers and additives that are typically present to falsely increase the quantity of the ground.

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Diatomaceous earth is made of fossilized remains of aquatic organisms called diatoms, which are naturally occurring algae found in freshwater. After being ground, diatoms are turned into a fine white powder that you can use to kill cockroaches.

There are absolutely no chemicals present in this product and it’s totally safe for you to use around pets or even children! Many people don’t really understand what makes diatomaceous earth pet-friendly, but it’s all about how this stuff works.

You see, diatomaceous earth isn’t something poisonous, which means it doesn’t need to be eaten to work. Instead, diatomaceous earth absorbs the oils and fats from the cuticle of the roach’s exoskeleton, causing the cockroach to dry out and die.

HARRIS Diatomaceous Earth Food Grade is OMRI listed (Organic Minerals Research Institute). You can rest assured that it was produced against strict organic standards. This pet-friendly roach killer is made in the United States. More specifically it’s mined in Nevada and packaged in Georgia.

To make its application easier and extra efficient, the HARRIS Diatomaceous Earth Food Grade comes with a powder duster that also includes an extension nozzle.

Once you fill the duster, screw on the cap tightly then turn the whole thing upside down and press on the flexible body to puff the product. Be careful not to put too much powder in the duster to avoid clogging at first use. Also, you should make sure the powder stays as dry as possible so it remains effective for a long time.

If you find it too messy to use the duster since it may create a dust cloud that lingers in the air for a bit, you can apply the product with a tablespoon instead.


  • Made of 100% pure diatomaceous earth
  • Mined and packaged in the United States
  • Organic Minerals Research Institute (OMRI) listed
  • Comes with a powder duster
  • Versatile use
  • No odor


  • Duster can be messy to fill
  • Puffing can create a dust cloud

EcoSmart Ant & Roach Killer

If you’re on the hunt for a pet-friendly roach spray, then the EcoSmart Ant & Roach Killer may be just what you need.

This company was in the early lead when it came to engineering a pesticide brand that’s safe to use around pets and children. They managed to manufacture a line of products that’s popular among thousands of pet owners thanks to its reliable efficiency and fast results.

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The EcoSmart Ant & Roach Killer is a 100% organic spray, which means that all of its ingredients are derived from nature, not chemically formulated in a laboratory.

This allows you to use the spray with confidence in the presence of your cat, dog, or any other pet. You can also use this product around kids without worrying about any toxic side effects.

As we said, the EcoSmart Ant & Roach Killer is an organic spray. It’s a plant-based product that relies on essential oils to exert its insecticide action. Peppermint, cinnamon and rosemary oils are among the natural plant oils incorporated in this product, which are known for their insecticidal effects.

Such a formula also offers a fresh, natural scent that’s actually pleasant to be around, unlike the harsh chemical odors of commercial pesticides.

The EcoSmart Ant & Roach Killer is non-staining, so you don’t need to worry about the product ruining your furniture. Due to its natural composition, this spray is also eco-friendly. It won’t contaminate groundwater supplies or hurt birds, fish, and mammals, making it a great choice for environmentally-conscious pet owners.

The EcoSmart Ant & Roach Killer doesn’t only kill insects, but it also repels them away from your place. Besides cockroaches and ants, this spray works on crickets, pillbugs, silverfish, spiders, as well as a multitude of different crawling insects upon exposure.


  • Plant-based 100% organic product
  • Eco-friendly
  • Quick action
  • Leaves no toxic residue
  • Doesn’t stain surfaces
  • Kills and repels roaches


  • Although not bad, the smell can be overwhelming

HARRIS Boric Acid Roach and Silverfish Killer Powder

Another reliable option for pet-friendly roach killers, this Boric Acid Roach and Silverfish Killer Powder from HARRIS is highly praised by hundreds of pet owners for its extended effect and ease of use.

As you can probably tell from its name, this particular powder uses boric acid to execute its insecticide action. But in order to keep your expectations realistic, you should have an idea of how this product works.

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You see, boric acid doesn’t kill cockroaches immediately upon contact. Instead, it takes a couple of days for the powder’s effect to kick in.

Boric acid interferes with the digestive system of the roach. When roaches ingest the powder, boron from boric acid builds up inside of their bodies and interrupts their life systems since they can’t digest or excrete this compound.

Boric acid affects the roach’s metabolism and hinders its ability to take up nutrients. This results in the inevitable death of the insect from starvation or dehydration. The HARRIS Roach Killer Powder gets the job done within 72 hours after initial contact.

Moreover, this power offers a long-lasting effect because it sticks to the skeletons of roaches which carry the substance back to their colonies, affecting other roaches that you don’t see.

The HARRIS Boric Acid Roach Powder is completely safe to use around pets and children. It’s even made in the United States and registered with the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) for home use in the presence of people and pets.

This product is pretty simple to apply. You just need to squeeze the puffer bottle and the powder will shoot out. It comes with an extended straw to make it easier for you to reach tricky areas.

For extra effect, the HARRIS powder contains irresistible lure that attracts cockroaches from their hiding places so you know where to use it.


  • Extended effect
  • Relatively fast results
  • Affects roaches in colonies
  • Comes with extended straw for easier application
  • Contains lure
  • EPA registered
  • Made in the USA


  • Can be tricky to maneuver the applicator
  • Can get a bit messy

Eco Defense Home Pest Control Spray

Eco Defense is another popular brand that developed a roach spray safe for pets. Their Home Pest Control Spray received thousands of positive reviews for its powerful effect and reliable safety.

This pet-friendly roach spray is made using natural ingredients, which means that its formula is organic and non-toxic.

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In fact, the Eco Defense Home Pest Control Spray is USDA (United States Department of Agriculture) Certified Biobased, which guarantees the ingredients are derived from plants and other renewable materials from marine, forestry, and agricultural sources.

The active components of the Eco Defense spray are coconut-derived sodium lauryl sulfate, geranium oil, and peppermint oil. This formula doesn’t just kill roaches by contact in no time, but it also has a long-lasting effect as it repels insects and keeps them out of your premises.

The Home Pest Control Spray doesn’t leave behind any harmful residue, so it’s safe to use around your house without worrying about kids or pets being affected. This product is free of dangerous chemicals and poisons, so you won’t be putting your family at risk.

You can use this spray to get rid of various home-invading insects besides roaches, including ants, fleas, mites earwigs, stink bugs, silverfish, spiders, and scorpions.

The Eco Defense Home Pest Control Spray smells rather pleasant, not too overwhelming for allergic folks. It’s also backed up by a 100% money-back guarantee for 60 days, so you can get a refund if you’re not happy with your purchase.


  • Organic ingredients
  • USDA Certified Biobased
  • Smells pleasant
  • Fast action
  • Also repels roaches
  • 60-day money-back guarantee


  • A bit too pricey

Wondercide Natural Indoor Pest Control Spray

Wondercide Natural Indoor pest control spray is good for killing and repelling several kinds of pests, including ants, roaches, spiders, flies, fleas, ticks, mosquitoes, and many more.

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Octopamine is responsible for regulating heart rate, movement, and behavior for insect pests such as flies, roaches, and ticks. Wondercide spray is based on cedar oil which blocks octopamine neurotransmitter receptors in pests.

This causes pests to repel from the treated area or after contact with cedar oil they suffocate and die. Cats, dogs, and other mammals are not affected by cedar oil. They do not have octopamine neurotransmitters.

Wondercide pest control spray is a good choice for using indoors when you have pets at home. It can be used several times a week around the house and not harm your pets.

Spray is based on natural essential oils and is a safe alternative for more aggressive chemical roach treatments. It does not contain any artificial colors, fragrances, or synthetic pesticides. Wondercide pest control spray won’t stain surfaces so it can be sprayed on carpet, furniture, or pet bedding.

The spray comes in four different fragrances: cedar, lemongrass, peppermint, and rosemary. It does smell good and much better than ordinary chemical pest treatment spray. Some users have reported that the scent is a bit strong to them. Be aware of it if you have a low tolerance for strong scents as it will stay for a few days after applying.

The spray works best for several days or a couple of weeks after applying, but it does not demonstrate have lasting effects on pests. After some time users reported the effect diminishes.


  • Variety of scents
  • Made from natural ingredients
  • Safe for humans and pets
  • Locally sourced and sustainable ingredients


  • Higher price
  • Might not be the best fit for large infestations
  • Scent can be irritating

How to Choose the Best Pet Safe Roach Killer

When choosing the best pet safe roach killer, there are a few points that you should take into account so you can make the right purchase.


Right off the bat, you should be looking at the list of ingredients in the roach killer’s description or the one printed on its packaging.

If you want to find a roach killer safe for dogs, or just about any pet, it should be free of toxic chemicals that you’d usually find in commercial-grade insecticides.

Instead, look for products made of natural or organic materials since these are almost always pet-friendly roach killers. But still, don’t believe the “natural” claim until you read it.

Such roach killers typically contain essential oils as active ingredients, for example, rosemary and peppermint oils. Most of the time, these products won’t only kill cockroaches, but they’ll also help keep them away.


This refers to how the product is applied. If you’ve been shopping for a cat safe roach killer or any pet-friendly product for that matter, then you’ve probably come across different methods of application.

Sprays are the conventional way to use insecticides, which means it’s practically foolproof. All you need is to direct your spray at the roach once you see it, or use the spray in crevices and cracks that you suspect roaches to be hiding in.

It’s a pretty simple approach, but the downside to sprays is that they usually have an overwhelming odor. Even if they’re organic sprays with somewhat pleasant scents, you may still spray too much that it becomes overpowering.

Insecticide powders are also rather common when it comes to getting rid of roaches. They’re fairly simple to lay down, however, if you’re not careful, you may end up with quite a mess.

Such powders are typically equipped with dusters or puffer bottles to make application easier. But some users prefer relying on a spoon to sprinkle the powder to avoid creating insecticide clouds.

Types of Roach Killers to Avoid

While the above-mentioned guides can really help you choose the best pet safe roach killer, there are certain types of roach killers that you should avoid if you have a pet at home. Here are the main ones:


Sprays are one of the most common ways to get rid of cockroaches. However, they can be quite dangerous to use when pets are involved.

For starters, sprays can be harmful if inhaled by your pet. I mean, we humans can get rather dizzy and unable to breathe if we inhale just a little too much of a commercial spray, so imagine what it can do to an animal!

The thing is, even if you avoid using a spray while your pet is around, the spray will coat different surfaces around your house. Once your pet comes in contact with these surfaces, the toxic chemicals will stick to its paws. Your pet may end up ingesting these dangerous substances if it licks its paws or grooms its body.


More intense than sprays, foggers are highly potent insecticides that should never be used in a closed space with humans or pets trapped inside. These products spray contact insecticides from the center of the room and into the air, aiming to penetrate into the trickiest spots where cockroaches hide.

Obviously, you should remove your pet from the premises when using a fogger.  But even then, the insecticide will continue to oppose a risk due to the toxic residue it leaves behind. If your pet licks such substances off its paws or body, the side effects can be really dangerous.

Additionally, your cat or dog may eat a dead cockroach. In this case, your pet will also be ingesting some of the used insecticides.

Bait Stations

Many people consider bait stations to be pet safe. Unfortunately, most manufacturers don’t actually make such claims.

While the idea of confining bait inside a station sounds effective to keep toxic substances hidden from your pet, you can never be too sure.

Such stations typically contain large amounts of bait, so what if your pet finds its way into one? It’ll surely get sick and no one wants that.

Wrap Up

There you have it, 5 of the best pet safe roach killers available on the market. Each of the products on our list can be the solution to your cockroach situation. They’re all safe to use around pets, so you can make the decision according to your preferred method of application and suitable budget.